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                                                    *~follow forever~*

    basically bc i reached my goal i made a small follow forever yayy

    my mutuals: you guys make my dash look perfect and more people need to know ab you

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    AU: based on the movie “10 Things I Hate About You.” Michael can be considered one of your foes. But with a couple of conflicting experiences, you start to reconsider your feelings toward him. PART 1

    if you haven’t watched the movie, the little writing at the top is how a small poem goes at the end of it. i really like how this turned out. gifs not mine, credit to owners. 

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    AU: Being in a relationship with Max Irons.

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    AU: Harry Styles’ is in love with you, but he won’t admit it. Ashton and Calum get the idea to make him jealous by you faking a relationhip with Luke. Luke accepts, but he’s secretly in love with you. One day when you two go on a fake date he kisses you and you realize how amazing Luke is. Harry finds out which pisses him off and makes him admit how he feels.

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    AU: Selena Gomez and Niall Horan are in university together. They are the typical make up break up couple and constantly fight. Selena grinds on some frat boy and Niall gets angry and they break up but get back together. They find out that Selena is pregnant with Niall’s baby and just kinda try not to panic and get their shit together.

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    AU: You work at Seaworld and you’re dating Harry.

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    Hi I was wondering if I could have an imagine (or blurb) where you are Luke's best friend and he takes you to his concert & you meet harry styles and he really likes you and Luke's gets jealous. Whoops that was long sorry xx

    You had been to plenty of 5 Seconds of Summer shows, but had been to only one with 5sos and One Direction. Luke usually tried avoiding bringing you there because he knew your (not so small) crush on Harry Styles. You had already met One Direction and after Harry had asked Luke if he could get your number, he tried to feed you excuse after excuse as to why you couldn’t come to a show. Finally, he ran out of excuses and gave you tickets to the show. Now he was sat across the dressing room, watching as Harry was cracking random jokes (which hardly made any sense) to make you laugh. Though you didn’t find a lot of them funny, you still laughed because it was Harry Styles who was showing you this attention. Harry gave you his number right before he had to leave to get ready for the concert. Right as he left, Luke was pulling you to leave the venue. “Aren’t we going to watch?” You asked, confused. “No.” He replied, leading you to the tour bus. “You’re supposed to be here for me. Not them. Or him.” Luke spit out.

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    Michael would be like “stoOoop” if you were distracting him by kissing the back of his neck or something when he was trying to do work but if you really did stop then he’d whine a little and turn to you and be like “babe why’d you stop”

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