im an ashton girl again

17 hours ago

AU: You’re Luke’s sister and he doesn’t approve of you dating Harry Styles.

20 hours ago

AU: Calum Hood and Jade Thirlwall are in a relationship.

1 day ago

AU: You’re dating Ashton. Whenever you see fans you let them write their twitter accounts on you and take their fan art so that you can give it to the boys. You always come back to the 5sos house covered in sharpie. The fans always look for you and get #Find(Y/N) trending on twitter when there are shows. During and interview, the boys talk about how you are with the fans and how you're always going into the crowd during shows.

AU: You're dating Niall. You're a singer in an indie band and he's really proud to be dating you.

AU: You're dating Michael Clifford and they guys allow you to move in with them. 

Anonymous asked: Could you do an imagine of trying to make a cake with ashton

"So I put the package in this bowl?" Ashton asked as he held up the purple flour. 

"Yes," You said as you poured the red flour into one of the bowls. "Then at the end we layer them and swirl it a bit."

"Okay," Ashton nodded as he began to rip open the package. Of course, being him, he ripped too quickly and wide which made all of the flour spill on the counter and on the floor. Some of it even covering the bottom of his face. "Shit."

"Honestly?" You laughed, knowing something like this was going to happen when Ashton had first suggested you guys buy cake mix for your date night. 

"I’m so sorry, Y/N." He mumbled, instantly thinking you were mad at him. 

"It’s okay," You giggled at the way he was acting. "Just looks like purple is out of the cake." You stepped closer to him, quickly giving him a kiss. "But now you have to stir this while I clean up."


AU: You’re dating Luke and you’re more punk rock than him. All the fans find it funny and tease him about it.