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    AU: You’re dating Niall, but Calum liked you first. 

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    AU: You’re an actress and fall in love with Calum.

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    AU: You and Luke watching the World Cup.

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    before and after: where we are tour (i still don’t think harry styles is real)

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    AU: Being in a relationship with Theo James.

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    theplaidshirtgirl asked: [Rachel (shortish, curvy w/ large chest, brown hair/eyes) and Harry Styles pls] so the two know each other from back home and ended up at the same uni. She’s a shy, library mouse and he’s a loud, frat-footie boy. They’re teamed up in creative writing to construct a paper about each other without using the other person’s name. So a little thing about how they hang out in her tiny dorm/his huge room and get to know each other and maybe some kisses? Thank you!! ^.^

    You waited patiently outside of the library. You tapped your pencil against one of the books you were holding, forming a steady beat. It was something you always did when you were nervous and you couldn’t help it. After a few moments, you glanced at the watch on your wrist for the twentieth time. It had only been five minutes since you had looked at it last? Probably because you were nervous about meeting the brown haired boy here (who also happened to be ten minutes late and counting). 

    "Rachel." A voice behind you said. You quickly spun around and came face to face with Harry. You were kind of shocked he knew your name, but then again he probably just remembered it from when you two were partnered up with earlier. 

    "Hi, um so -" You began, but were cut off when Harry put his hand up between the two of you. 

    "I’ve got practice. Meet me here," He told you, handing you a small piece of crumbled up paper with an address written in terrible handwriting on it. "It’s my flat. I’d rather work there than some dorm. I’m done here at six, so be at mine by seven, okay?" And then he was off before you could even nod. 

    —- —- —-

    You had been standing outside of Harry’s flat for about five minutes debating if you should ring his doorbell or just knock. After finally deciding that ringing the doorbell would be the better option, you went to ring it, but before you could the door flew open. You jumped slightly as Harry laughed. 

    "Are you just going to stand there or?" He asked, opening it wider. "I thought I heard someone come to the door and saw you through the peephole." He answered the question you had been wondering ‘How did he know you were there?’

    "Um, yeah," You said, before stepping into his flat and taking an initial look around. He was right: It was big. Not even big, but humongous. "Wow, your place is great." 

    "Thanks," He shrugged, walking over to the dining room and sitting down. He had his writing stuff everywhere. "My grandparents gave it to me. Anyways, this paper. I really need to do good on this so I was just figured we could tell each other about ourselves and write it down."

    "Yeah, sure." You said before taking a seat and taking out a notebook and a pencil. "I’ll go first. I guarantee you have more to say. I’m short, curvy, and have average hair and eye color. I’m quiet and mostly just shy. I like working and I’m a perfectionist. And that’s pretty much it."

    Harry nodded for a moment with a puzzled look on his face, like he was going to say more, but he didn’t. “I’m loud, green-eyed, curly-haired, and have wonky toes. I’m energetic, lucky, and sporty. You could just describe me as your typical jock.”

    "I don’t think so," You muttered, but continued to write. 

    "What’s that supposed to mean?" Harry asked, leaning forward.


    "You can’t just mutter something and then expect not to add onto what you were saying." 

    "You just don’t look like the typical jock," You replied, doodling a bit on your notebook, trying to avoid his eyes. "I think you’re probably so much more than that." You blushed after realizing what you just said. 

    "Really?" He asked, with a smile on his face. You nodded back at him. "Well, I think you’re so much more. You should really stop hiding behind all those books." He ended by turning back to his own notebook and began writing. You both stayed like that for the rest of the night. 

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    bandingdrugs said: I was thinking could do one where me and Luke are best friends and are really close, but during a party, he gets drunk ( i stay sober) and he says that he loves me. ( he doesn’t know that hes telling me, he thinks im sombody else. ) my names Arianna

    You rolled your eyes in disgust as you passed through the sweaty bodies, trying to find a comfortable spot to hang out. You knew coming here was a bad idea because you weren’t in the mood to drink tonight, but your group of friends had shown up to your house and begged you to go. You would have most likely said no and talked your way out of it, but Luke was with them and you couldn’t say no when a pout made it’s way onto his face. 

    "Excuse me," You said, trying to shove your way around a couple practically having sex in the living room. Out of the corner of your eye, you found a spot that no one seemed to be around and decided that was going to be your spot for the night. Without any acknowledgement from the messy couple, you decided to push right past them (which finally got their attention) and made a beeline for the spot. You sat down with your drink of choice right beside you (a water bottle you had picked up from the local convenient store  on the way to the party) and pulled out your phone. Tonight was a great night to finally try and beat 2048. 

    After a bit of playing, you could feel someone get closer to you, but you didn’t bother to look up. You kept your face down and continued swiping the numbers across your screen. You figured people would just ignore you considering you had your hair in your face. No one would know who you were unless you looked up at them. 

    "Dixie," The person spoke. Luke. You would recognize that voice from anywhere. "Have - um - you seen Arianna anywhere?" He said as he stumbled to lean against the wall next to you. He was clearly drunk if he couldn’t tell it was you (though the hair in your face wasn’t helping). You decided to play along because you were curious. 

    "No, I haven’t," You replied, trying your best to sound like your best friend (but you knew he wouldn’t notice). "Why? What’s up?" 

    "I - I think tonight’s the night I’m going to tell her," He said and then taking a gulp of whatever he was drinking. 

    "Tell m - I mean, tell her what?" You mentally smacked yourself. 

    "You know, Dixie," He groaned. "We had this conversation before, didn’t we? Or maybe I had it with Ashton. I love her. Not like a best friend, but I actually am in love with her," He said, before quickly bouncing off the wall and stumbling a bit before heading into the crowded house. "I’m going to find her. Thanks, Dixie."

    You didn’t think you ever got up faster in your life.

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    AU: You’re getting married, but Luke still loves you.

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