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AU: You and Luke have a daily vlogging channel on YouTube.

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AU: Luke dating a fashion designer. He actually keeps up with all the ‘classy things’ that dating a fashion designer involves.

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AU: You meet Michael Clifford in London. He flies you to Sydney for the tour they are doing now.

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AU: You go to Funky Buddah and get drunk with Liam.

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AU: Niall Horan is the punk of the town and he falls for the innocent good girl. She falls for him even though she tried not to.

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Anonymous asked: imagine where you’re working on an essay and michael keeps trying to get you to take a break and hang out with him and he sits behind you and kisses your neck and stuff and you get a lil distracted from your essay if you know what i mean WOW OKAY your blog is awesome by the way xx

Both of you sat in somewhat silence for the past hour. You were concentrating on the paper that was due for tomorrow. The one you had procrastinated until the very last minute. Your boyfriend, Michael, had done the same, but you knew he wasn’t sitting next to you writing about what his five year plan is. As you glanced over, you saw sloppy doodles that covered the whole entire page. A few of him and you, some guitars, and then random lines that would make someone a bit dizzy if they looked at the page too long. 

This was typical of the both of you. You’d both wait until the day before and Michael would always insist you’d study or complete your project together so it would be turned in on time. It really ended up in you finishing your assignment and Michael still turning his in a day late because he said he couldn’t concentrate with you next to him. 

As you were beginning the conclusion of your paper, you felt Michael shift closer to you. Then you felt his lips on your shoulder blade. You knew wearing a tank top around him would give him an advantage, but it was too hot to wear anything else. “Michael.”

He left three kisses on your shoulder before humming a lazy response against your shoulder.

"We have to get this paper done," You stated, trying to not be pulled closer to him. "And by we, I mean me. You haven’t even written your name on the paper."

You felt him smile against your skin. “I know, but we’ve been at this for an hour and a half. I know you’re almost done,” He replied, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into him. “I think you deserve a little reward, babe.”

You sighed, looking down at your boyfriend. He always knew the right words to say at the right time. Michael watched you with hope in your eyes and let out a smile when you grabbed both of the notebooks and threw them onto the floor before colliding your lips with his.

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AU: You are dating Ashton Irwin but Liam Payne has feelings for you.

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AU: Ashton gets jealous of Luke flirting with you.

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AU: Luke cheats on you and you lean on Ashton for support.

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